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Accuracy                  Timeliness                   Effectiveness                Confidentiality

These are the cornerstones upon which UBS has built its long-term success.

Working with local and international clients, UBS has established a solid reputation of integrity and reliability.

The heart of our business is providing services you need to run your business better.

At UBS, we know we can help you manage and grow your business; it's simply a matter of implementing a system designed just for you!

Contact us  today to arrange an appointment for your free initial business consultation.

Since 1980, UBS has been assisting:

  • the larger business, needing administrative services to augment peak staff loads (P/R, A/P, bulk mailings, database management, etc.).
  • the smaller business, without fulltime staffing (answering services, A/R, A/P, collections, etc.).
  • the remote business, needing an area base (customer service, shipping, billing, etc.).
  • the individual, who wants to better utilize their personal time (bank reconciliation, check writing, bill payment, accumulating annual budget information for the tax preparer, etc.).
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